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cmanning BIRTHDAY...Cindy or Robert??


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WoooHoooo - Happy Birthday Cindy!


Happy Birthday!!

Thank You!

Happy birthday to you.Happy birthday to you.lalalalalalalal you know the song.lol.hope you have a great day.

Thanks Mike....I had a very relaxing day.

AARP cards soon! Why don't those come with reef discounts as well?

Hey....I'm not there yet to receive those little perks.....But heck yeah!! I'll take them when the time comes. Senior discounts @ LFS, in your dreams Mark.

Happy Birthday !!!! Hope you have a great day !!

Thanks D.R.


You told use you were 25! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Dave & Robin.

Funny...I actually stopped counting @ 25 and just recently pulled out the birth certificate from the file cabinet (lot of dust in there) just to make sure how old I am. Seriously.....sometimes I forget how old I am....:doh: cause I can assure you I don't feel it. Maybe later.....

Happy Birthday!

Thanks Andrew

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I was I was 42 myself....it's much closer to 40 than the 50 I'm looking at.....

Well...I hope to look 1/2 as good as you do, Mama. On my 45th b-day....I don't want present, cake or dinning out....I'm setting a goal to get fit and go skydiving----do something outrageous :) in my lifetime---have lots of fun.


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