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Zoa Colony $35


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Zoa colony approx. 2-1/2 inches wide with 60+ heads. Started as frag, and grew fast attaching to live rock over 4 inches wide. Under MH & actinic lights -- colors in the photos are a little off. The center is light pink with a white dot; the middle band is brown with faint blue streaks; the eyelashes are bright orange.

$35. If interested send me a PM.

Can bring to ARC meeting tomorrow, or I can meet up at River City most any other time.

Thanks for looking.




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I love those zoas, I got some from a guy in SA who called them Bernies orange. I guess because he got them from Bernie. Anyways really nice zoas, and the orange really pops. I think if anything, the pic dulls the color. Free bump for a great price.

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