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Ok I have some misc. stuff for FS/FT!

Icecap 660 ballast with harness/heatsink (needs repaired) SOLD

2- 72'' T5/PC/VHO reflectors $30

4- 36'' VHO actinic bulbs age unknown $10 each $30 for all

Tunze 7091 single controller SOLD

Im sure there is more, I will post as I go....

Things I need!

Tunze 6091 controller

Icecap 430 harness (660 is different)

400w MH bulbs

60'' VHO bulbs

If you have something else you think I might want PM me.....



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Dustin, i can run 4 36" VHOs off the 660 correct? also what needs repaired on it? if i can run 4 36" vhos off it like i think and its nothing to bad to fix ill take it the refelectors and maybe the bulbs..figure if i dont endup liking the VHOs i can always use it to over drive my t5s

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The icecap ballast can be sent into iceap and they will fix them for about 50 bucks. if its under 3 yrs old, they will fix it for free. There is a date stamp on the bottom of that ballast that shows the date it was made. Its about 50 bucks to get them repaired if its older than 3yrs, and you get a 90 day warranty. A new one is 149 at marine deport, but ocassionally they sell them for 119.00.

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Hey Dustin it was nice to meet you. Thanks first and foremost for all you do for our country and secondly the controller works great. I get a decent wave with just the pump so I'm building the wavebox this weekend. Again Thanks.

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