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trading out my sps


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I have a nice cali tort, maybe 2 frags, about 2 inches across and 2 high with plenty of branches, a nice 2 1/2 purple pocci, was told it was a sea world, and a big green birdsnest(ora) that is about 4 inches across with hungreds of small branches. I want to trade out, or will sell, for equipment or frags. Looking for cool zoas and lps, T-5s, let me know what you have. I lost my camera battery, so I will try and figure out a way to take some pics, but here is one from a while back

purple pocci(bad pic)


cali tort


birdsnest is in the middle, its a lot bigger now


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I am interested in the green birds nest. I have some zoas I could trade. I have some with green skirt, purple center, and orange mouth or some with green skirt, red center, and blue mouth.


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so, both cali tort frags are pending, all I have left is the pocci, which is really beautiful. Someone should jump on it. I am looking for anything interesting that isnt a small polyp stony.

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better! RCA said it mite have been a false test they didnt see any traces when i took it in. maybe bad test kit.. i dunno but its doing very well now getting color back to my sps coral and their back to growing. everything is good.

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