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Tank has been set up for about 2 and a half weeks now. I am pretty sure that it is all normal. So what is this brown stuff all over my rocks and sand and everywere? And what is my next move? When cycle is done will all this be gone? Thanks all

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the diatoms is part of the cycle they will burn off. it takes some time and a good cleanup crew from www.reefcleaners.org will help keep it under control. have john make you a custom cleanup crew you wont regret it. you wont be able to stop it but you can at least keep it under control.

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My next move would be to do frequent water changes and/or over skimming. Diatoms will eventually go away on their own once the water parameters have been met. They feed on the silica present in the rock, sand, and sometimes new tap water present in a new tank. At about week 2 they tend to begin to show themselves and generally clean up in about another 2 weeks. If persistent you might have an area in the tank that could use more flow from a power head. As the silicates are eaten the diatoms will run out of food and disappear. That is why I would just concentrate upon keeping the water as clean as possible thus depriving them of any additional food source. Clean up crews do become a necessary part of the tank but I wouldn't add them now. They just become an additional bio-load to the tank as it is trying to stabilize. There really isn't much out there critter wise that can be said to definitely remove the diatoms from the tank. If you had green hair algae or aptasia for the critters to go after I'd consider adding something at that point. A clean up crew's real purpose in the tank is to eat left over missed food, fish waste, and to eat critters that die in a part of the tank that we cannot reach. They eat waste before it can foul the tank. Some, like emerald crabs, peppermint shrimp, turbo snails, etc.. tend to show traits to eat a specific nuisance within the tank but I'm at a loss for one that will take care of diatoms, and at that they will clear up within such a short time I wouldn't consider adding anything just for it.

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