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FW clubs?

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Besides my reef tank I also have 2 freshwater tanks. A loach/barb tank and a bunch of mollies. Are there any local FW clubs that people know about? Is there any interest in a FW board here or is that just outside of the focus of this group?

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Yea. I love my clown loaches but have to admit the passion kind of has gone since I got the reef system. Maybe i should try some chichlids or discus or something.

That being said I'm guessing that not many would be interested in a FW board.

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You might be surprised. Ever seen people looking at FW fish at our sponsors? Lots.

I'd join.

I agree though, once I got into reefs/SW, the FW forum and keeping dropped pretty quick.

African cichlids are pretty, but bland personalities. SA/CA varieties though...Well, they rule.

My RD/Midas mix is quite the wet pet. She lets us pet her, follows us around when we walk by, makes a ruckus when she is hungry or lonely, etc. I dropped the Malawians easily, but I'll bury Rusty in the back yard next to the cat. I'd love to get her a 125-180 and a boyfriend but I don't think the Mrs would like that too much.

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I totally understand. I love my little school of loaches and can't wait for them to get to be huge. I think it's hilarious that they think they are barbs. They school with the barbs and join in the pecking order as kind of mid-level members. The bigger loaches are starting to act more "loachy" now but the smaller still think they are barbs.

The mollies... well, they are probably the only thing in my house stupider than my clown fish.

I've been thinking of taking my molly tank down to dry and raising a few chichlids in it myself. It's just a 16 gallon oceanic so could't have more than a pair but i think it would be fun. Alternately I'm thinking of keeping a couple of mollies and slowly raising up the salt to a brackish level and starting a brackish tank. I really like how bumblebee gobys look.

So i guess... mods, any chance of a FW sub board somewhere? Are enough other members interested enough?

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I would be interested. I have a 29 gallon FW tank at work that has been going strong for the past year and a half. I have:

1 Redtail Shark

1 Bala Shark

1 Upside down catfish (Synodontis)

1 Zebra Danio

1 Plecostomus

1 Albino Cory Cat

8 Neon Tetras

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I'd also be interested.

I have a softwater SA tank with Discus, Emperor and Serpa tetras. (want to add Cardnials buy for the last few weeks all the stores have either been out or had them marked NFS)

Also have a wild form sailfin molly tank and a small planted tank.

At the moment I have 3 FW and 3 reef tanks setup but lately the reefs have really gotten the most attention.

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