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Drummer Girl Gina


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I'm really trying to promote my daughter, Gina. She is one of the most talented drummers you will ever hear...and, only 9 years old...and, self taught! I have a YouTube of her but we are trying to get her some attention as well. If anyone is interested she has a fan page.


Best Regards,

David Bongiovanni-Osmar


Gina Bongiovanni-Osmar


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That's the next thing we are working on is to have an "audition" or demonstration video done on her kit. I'd like to get her on the Ellen Show or something like that. She already plays in two bands at Celebration Church here in Gtown. Sometimes in front of 2000 people per service as she did during Easter.

Feel free to send your friends to her YouTube video to comment as well.

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Don't laugh...but I used to play!! That looks like the TAMA set I had...then I had my Ludwig which my husband had me sell because he could not stand it anymore...:-(

She's good...contact both Ellen and Oprah's websites...I know Oprah has a Talented Kids Across America show...Ellen also brings in talented kids...you may also want to contact talent agencies downtown...maybe some in NYC...get her video out there!!

Good luck dave and way to rock Gina!!

Best wishes,


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Thanks everyone for your kind words and suggestions. Please feel free to post then on Gina's YouTube and her Facebook page so that she see your comments. That would really lift her up!

Laura, you should come over and play her set sometime!

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