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Moon lights?


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I've been thinking about getting some moon lights, but I'm not sure which ones.

There's the Lunar Simulator to go with my ACIII, but it's pricey. Also, does it actually do any good to simulate the moon cycle. It seems that the end result would be that there would be a good bit of the time where the lights would either be off or really dim...

What other options are there?

I've got an Aquactinics Constellation 48" T5 setup, and I'd like to attach them to that, if possible.

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You could build some.. its very simple and takes very little time. not to mention super cheap.. all supplies are available at radio shack..

depending on tank size for a 30g tank id use 2 and more from their..

Parts list (for my tank 90g)

6 10mm ultra bright leds (i like the blue) but you can use any color

6 47-ohm resistors

1 small spool of black wire 16 gauge

1 small spool of red or white wire 16 gauge

1 solder iron (small tip works better)

1 roll solder

1 roll of black electric tape (or heat shrink if you want to go all out)

1 3.7 volt power supply (old cell phone chargers work good or electric razors and so on)

take the mesurement of your tank and space out the 10mm leds then solder the resistors to the long side of the LED this will be the positive. then solder red/white wire to that then you will solder all the positive side wires in a series meaning 1 positive side led/resistor combo to the next positive side and so on. then you will do the same with the negitive side only not useing resistors this time. tape everything up nicely (or use heat shrink) then you will need to wire the 1st resistor in the series to the positive wire on the power supply (you can make this longer if you wish but i dont recomend over 3 foot). Then you will need to do the same with the firt negitive side of the LED to the negitive on the power supply..

Mount to tank or hood or lights and you will have super bright moon lights in your tank for the cost of around $10 - $15 bucks...

you will find your own tricks to make it better this is just a rough guide

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Actually, a few years ago when i started my first nano I got a deal on some computer case led lighting mods. They are about 6" long acrylic rods with red or blue led's and have a molex connector. I bought a $5 ac/dc adapter at big lots and wired them up and they work great. Since they are sealed in acrylic they are also submersible (be careful with electricity, kiddos).

Just so happens that I was cleaning out my garage last weekend and found several of them in one of my containers. I'll be putting them up for sale here if anyone is looking for cheap moonlights. Pics to come...

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