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Things I have:

Coralife 2x96W PC fixture with newish bulbs (36") and mounting legs.

25 gallon tall tank with lid and light.

fixture for 18" T8 lamp (with bulb, only used about 20 minutes)

25gpd RO filter (may need a new membrane)

older Compaq PC w/ DVD writer drive (not sure of other specs)

Things I want/need:

5 to 10 gallon water containers with lid large enough for a small pump (x2)

small pump (see above)

smallish powerhead (x2)

20-40 pounds of live sand

50-60 pounds of live rock (including some rubble for a HOB filter)

40-60 gallons of prepped saltwater (in containers, you can have them back or ask for trade)

Saltwater before sand and rock please!

Cash for the items I have is always welcome too.

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