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Zoas and emerald carbs

Robb in Austin

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Anyone ever catch an emerald crab munching on zoas?

I noticed my zoas have been mostly closed the last few days and couldn't figure out why; no, I didn't test my water except SG(1.026) and temp (26.5C/79.7F).

Tonight though, I see one of my emeralds picking away it one group so I am assuming it is the cause.

I shooed him off with a stick.

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Haven't seen with zoa but i had a emerald that I just returned to aquatec a couple of weeks ago. He started by yanking at polyps off an encrusting coral I have. After I saw this I put him in isolation. Fed him really well for a week or so then re-introduced him thinking he we just very hungry and going opportunistic or something. Then he started yanking at one of my feather dusters feathers. Actually pulling it out and eating it before i could stop him and this was while I was feeding the whole tank.

After that, no more Emeralds for me. Which is too bad cause he was a good bubble algae eater until his latest molting then he just got big and mean.

Anyone know of a more reef safe animal that goes for bubble algae and will fit in a nano?

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