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Atlantis Aquariums (ATL) Group Order


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dapettit and I were talking about rare corals that we'd like to have and he talked to me about ATL corals - home of the halloween milli, Garf Bonsai, etc.

I checked out their website and low and behold, they are having a SALE on WYSIWYG items!

I talked with about a group order and they are willing to do one for us, so please read the below as this one will be slightly different:

- Order closes, Tuesday, July 14th @12p

- Pickup will be @ my house, 8422 Jamestown Dr, 78758.

- if we have enough "southies", I'll coordinate a southern pickup.

- The shipment usually arrives @ 10:30a so if you can schedule breaking away from lunch or working from home, its a great way to get your goods early!

- There is no minimum for free shipping! Even if you only want one item, please get in on the order so we can express our appreciation to this vendor!

- Payment will be on an individual basis, so everyone pays on their own! You don't have to coordinate getting me $$ on this one!

- To order, email Joleen @ [email protected] with your order & Austin Reef Club in the subject line. If you want to pay via paypal, she'll send you an invoice, if you want to pay via credit/check card, she'll email you about when is best to reach you to take your payment.

Once the order is getting close to closing, she'll send me a list w/ what's been ordered and everyone can review it for accuracy.

And the website is: Atlantis Aquariums

They are also happy to answer any of your ?s about availability, so if you have a ?, email them @ the "info" address.

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I'm in, but i won't be able to pick them up until i get off work

that's fine. I've had several people get their vivid aquariums order @ night once they get off work. I just float the bags in my sump all day.

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Please note the change of how we are to order. To order, email your order to Joleen, let her know how you want to pay (paypal or credit/check card) and she'll either send you an invoice (paypal) or call you to get payment.

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What is their live arrival warranty?

From the horses' mouth"

"As far as corals/frags go, just let me know by that evening or the next morning if any looks stressed or arrived DOA. Best thing is to get a pic of it and send it to my email. We are pretty good about replacements as long as communication is there. In regards to fish, it depends on what it is. I know some of the more delicate (i.e. Watanabe Angel Pair), have a DOA guarantee. But the common stuff have a 2 day guarantee. We usually don't ship fish unless they have transitioned to eating pellets."

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I've been exchanging emails with Joleen the last couple of days and she was supposed to get back today on my order. I have not heard anything from her so I am not sure if I am getting in on this or not.

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Just got off the phone with ATL and we are set for a 10:30am delivery on Thursday morning.

Pickup will be @ my place and I'm having an estimate done for our A/C so if you come between 11:30 and 12:30 I might be busy.

Here is what we ordered, if you don't see what you ordered, let me know:

• Mark: Super Sale - ATL Grape Ape Milli Mini Colony

Frags • David: Super Sale - GARF Bonsai

Frags • Jeff: Flamethrower Zoa's 3 polyps

Frags • Jeff: Mohaek Palys 5 polyps

Frags • Chiu: Purple Lace Duncan

Frags • Chiu: Halloween Blasto

Frags • Chiu: ATL Crayola Plana

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