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Changing lights?


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Well my 29BC has been up and running for about 1 year now so I guess it's time to buy new lights. Do I change both at once or do it staggered over a couple of week? Also, should I shorten the light cycle for the first few days until the corals get used to the new lights? I have softies, LPS, and zoas...plus 2 clowns, a 6 line, a yellow watchman and the standard CUC! Thanks.

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I've heard of a few methods.

1. Stagger lights at 6 month rotation

2. Lower your photo period to 6 or 8 hours then increase by 2 hours every few days/week.

3. Add a layer of screen door mesh over your tank then remove after a week or so (the one I use)

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Pretty much Zarathustra2 has all of the tips.

I recently changed the bulbs in my MH, and I cut my lighting schedule in half. I am upping it by an hour each week. So far most everything seems happy with it. Though I have two Acan's I am watching, as they are not happy ... yet two others are just fine.

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