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My fish have ICK!


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I did freshwater for 6 yrs and saltwater for 1 and have never had ick! I noticed tonight that all my fish have it. How is it treated? Is it treatable?

It is treatable. There is a lot of information online about saltwater ick/ich.

Are there corals or invertebrates in the tank where the fish are currently? If so, do you have a quarantine tank?

Do a water quality test and post the results.

Were the fish just moved to your new tank? Moving fish can stress them. Stress can lower their immune system.

Sorry if any of this is a little incoherent, but it is late and I just wanted to get you started.

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My understanding is that if you lower you salinity it is easyer on the fish. I have had good luck with increasing my feeding and adding some garlic to boost immune system. with hevy feeding, the fish should bounce back.

How are the corals doing??

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Does it kinda look like this?


thats Brooklynella

The causes of Brooklynellosis

What is Brooklynellosis, you ask? Brooklynellosis is a protozoan parasite that commonly affects wild caught clownfish, or captive bred clownfish that were irresponsibly exposed to wild caught clownfish (as was the case with my fish). Brooklynellosis symptoms include excessive mucous production, white "fuzz" or "rashes" on the skin. Infected fish will also show a rapid respiration rate and act listless.

Brooklynellosis symptoms include excessive mucous production and white “fuzz” or “rashes” on the skin. Infected fish will also show an increased respiration rate and tend to act listlessly.


Once you've diagnosed Brooklynellosis, prompt treatment is essential. Move the affected fish(es) to a quarantine tank, and begin treatment with formalin. I used Quick Cure (a combination of formalin and malachite green sold to treat ich and crypt, and available at almost every pet store) at standard marine dose as directed. Because my clownfish were also at a higher risk for secondary bacterial infection due to their weakened immune system, I added Methylene blue and erythromycin (also both sold at almost any pet store) to combat possible bacterial infections. Finally, I dosed Seachem's StressGuard at a double dose per day to help reduce stress and replace the fish’s slime coat. My clownfish were lucky enough to make a full recovery after 5 days, and showed great improvement after only 24 hours.

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