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Is anyone planning a fragging session soon


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I'm just seeing if anyone out there is planning a fragging session soon and would like an extra pair of hands in exchange for allowing me to ask a bunch of stupid questions. I've done the research and reading and successfully fragged some mushrooms (will be up for trade/free soon) but would love to get some tips from a master and watch how it's done for almost any type of coral.

If your interested I can even bring my digi cam and do a set of "how to" slides to spread the information.

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Oh I definately have. Doesn't take the place of being able to ask someone a bunch of questions tho. smile.gif

That's true....believe me, I was nervous as heck when I first started...especially when I fired up that tile saw...then I was unstoppable!! I did it in the driveway and got evil-eyes from the neighbors angry.gif

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