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Ick on new fish


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get some kick ich or you could try a fw dip. do you have him in your 55? a 55 may be on the small side for a dog face puffer they get pretty big

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ya he's in the 55 i had to move all my corals out of the tank. sucks

my parents wanted it, so they got it.

what is the fw dip & kick ick?

will he eat snails and hermits?

also will he mess with my feather duster, so far he's left it alon. :)

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yeah forgot to throw that in there i just assumed that since theyre not reef safe you had it in a fowlr tank. i think a dip may stress it even more id go with the ick treatment.

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Having most of my experience, in FW, I must admit I am still not comfortable with treating SW ich. Fortunately I haven't had to do it much. There is definitely a school of treatment which says don't treat the ich but treat the fish. This would be adding garlic (I used Kent garlic extreme) and Vitamin C (I didn't augment). The idea is to try to boost the fish's immunity to try to fight the ich rather than kill the ich. I have had very good results when I caught the ich early, which I would judge your puffer as, and poor results, when the outbreak was worse (probably the 2nd generation of infestation). You will also want to keep the water as pristine as possible.

I believe puffer pretty much eat anything they can get their mouths on - crabs, shrimps, snails, small fish etc. I don't know about the featherdusters but I'm guessing they might at least try them, which would be fatal to the featherduster even if it didn't eat it all.


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