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i have a few frags of bright green birdsnest for sale.it is a really bright green and grows pretty fast.it makes a nice round ball shape.i had to thin it to place it where i wanted it.i would like $10 per frag.they are nce size frags with at least 3-4 branches on most.i also have a frag of eye of rah zoas growing on a small piece of rock.there are at least 30 polyps.i would like $35 for this.i will be in cedar park for awhile tomorrow between 4 and 7 if anyo.ne would like a frag i could meet then.

here is one of the birdsnest frags


this is the top of the mother colony


here is the eye of rah


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Do you think the birds nest would do okay under PC lighting? I'm interested in getting 2 frags if so and If you would be in the Cedar park area, could you stop by....???

I live near Lakeline Mall...

Michael McDermott

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i had some similar coral when i had my pc's.it did well.it didnt grow as fast as it does under metal halides,but the colors stayed nice and it did grow.i know it is possible,but would depend on the "freshess" of your bulbs and how much light you have as to how well.i could stop by tomorrow around 4:30 if you want

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I would be interested in one of those birdnest frags please. Although, apparently as opposed to virtually everyone in Austin, I am working tomorrow for a while. Nonetheless if there is a good time I could come by I could probably work that out. If you are going south at all tomorrow that might be even better. I live just around the corner from the Lowe's in Leander and work from my house.



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i finally got some decent pics of the zoa frag.it is the actual frag.some of the polyps arent open because i just moved it.they take awhile to open back up sometimes.i will take $25 and there were at least 30 polyps.that is less than a dollar a polyp.i will try to get some actinic shots tonight.i have a hard time getting decent pics,but these things look great in actinic lighting.



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