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Coral For Sale


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I need to make some room in the tank so these pieces have to go.


1. Its about 4x6in GSP rock, a little smaller than a football fully covered. $35 obo


2. rock is a little smaller than a basketball with a nice hole that goes through it. starting to get covered with GSP. $25


3. Rock is about the size of a softball with 4 nice size stalks of kenya tree, and Alot of the green zoas from the rock on the left. $25obo


4.Zoas on a piece of tonga rock around 4in long completely full of brown with cream center zoa (well over 70 polyps) 25$

5. probably 2-3 small kenya tree and around 5 blue and green mushrooms on small rock. 15$


6. Green Zoas with yellowish-orange centers..I can make just about any size frag, i have a ton of them. $10 per 5 polyps.


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I would like 10 of the green zoas if still available and may buy some of the other stuff when I'm there. I can come tomorrow when it's convenient for you. Call me. 422-3148. Leroy

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Sorry it took so long to reply i posted that when i was at work. I live in Hutto and you can reach me at 512-924-1114. if you'd like to drive out here that would be great, i am 2 blocks off of hwy 79 in hutto(just 10min from round rock via toll road) but if you would like to meet around the round rock area i would be ok with that. Just give me a call and we can set something up.

Look forward to hearing from ya.


Tonya:10 Green Zoas.

LeroyB: 10 Zoas, Ill call you

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Bozack: i have Alot of mushrooms(red, blue, green)still available , they will come unmounted.

jthedges: The 4X6 Green Star polyp rock is still available. I get off work at 645 so i will be at home anytime after that. Just give me a call and we can set something up.



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Feel free to PM what your schedule looks like this week for grabbing some of those mushrooms. I am remote all week so am free most anytime during the days, evenings will be a little trcikier this week with family coming in.


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Matt: #4 is still for sale we can meet when i get off at 645 tonight if you want. Just let me know. You better watch out for those kenya trees thats why i sold it becuase frags were floating all over my tank. Glad to hear its doing good for ya. Call me anytime

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