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F.S. Tunze Turbo Calcium Reactor - 3174


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Lowered price to $150.00 OBO

Thanks for looking.

CO2 equipment needed

Marine aquariums with soft corals, stony corals, snails or calcareous algae need regular additives of calcium and bicarbonate ions. In 1989, TUNZE Aquarientechnik was the first manufacturer to build a CO2 controlled calcium reactor. A pump is used to pass water enriched with carbon dioxide through the hardness granulate. The carbon dioxide reacts with water to produce carbon dioxide gas and dissolves the calcium carbonate. The hardened water leaves the reactor.

Today’s generation of automatic calcium reactors combine high efficiency and a compact size, consisting of a reactor with pump and the Comline housing. Turbo Calcium Reactor 3174 needs no additional supply pump, and is operational with a minimum water level of 60mm (2.3"). It is suitable for operation in the aquarium as well as in a cabinet filter.

The set-up:

•Granulate content: 1,100 ml (37.1 fl. Oz.)

•Comline housing for attachment and light protection for direct operation in the aquarium.

•Dissolution of the Co2 in the pump housing and recirculation of the undissolved gases permit an especially economical CO2 consumption.

•Easy refill of the granulate by a screw cover.

•Adjustment of the drip rate by means of a precise control ****.

•Can be used as a “stand-alone" solution.

•Silent operation.

Ready for mounting with hardness granulate, bubble counter, pump and holding device. Can mount in tank or sump.


Dimensions: 4.9"L x 4.4"W x 11.8"H

Immersion Depth: Approximately 2.3" to 11"

Filling Volume: 1,100 ml (38.7 fl. Oz.)

Capacity: 200 to 1,000 liters (52 to 264 gal.)

Power Consumption: 10W

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