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Milwaukee Martini MI412 Low Range Phosphate colorimeter


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Well, since the D&D Merck kit for phosphates is SO hard to come by,

and expensive too,

*and* since I'm **** near red/green colorblind anyway, I decided to go for broke and

try this colorimeter out. (doesn't cost much more than the D&D Merck kit anyway).

Ordered an extra 100 test refills to boot, so when it gets here, I will test water

for some of you who are curious to see your phosphate levels who can't or don't have a

good kit yet, (or even if it's good, just hard to read like all the ones I've ever seen are).

This thing is digital, and uses a reagent, and a sure-fire colorimeter to read out the

phosphate level digitally.

I will post pics, etc as soon as it arrives. I checked out bmwaaron's thread on RC about

this kit, and he seems happy with his, so we'll see how well it works.

Will be looking for some volunteers with *nasty* tanks to test your water phosphate

levels just to get a good feel for this kits capabilities, and see how well it can perform.

--Robert and Cindy.

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