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Media and sump question


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I have a learned a lot about saltwater since I started but I have a lot left to learn. so i have a few questions. I do not have a sump but will be setting one up in the next couple weeks or so.

What all needs to be in the Sump?

Do you put media in the sump?

Should I continue to run my Fluval 304 and Fluval 405 off the sump?

What Media should I use? (lfs said stay away from amonia remover) I am using diamond blend amonia remover also nitrogen sponge media also PhosPure also ChemPure (at times) I was told to throw away the ceramic peanuts causes nitrates.

my tank is 180 gal and sump will be only 30 gal, think i should keep the canisters going!!

i also have 2 very large HOB filters which i will stop using after sump is installed


180 Gl reef tank Kenny Smith

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Everyone has something different in their sump, but most people have:

- equipment (skimmer, heater, phosphate reactor)

- live rock rubble

- macro algae w/some kind of grow light over it

- return pump

I'd ditch your canister filters...those are old technology. I last used one in 1990 when I had my first 75g tank. All the ammonia remover media is worthless...the bacteria on the LR rubble and and the LR in your tank will take care of it.

Drop the HOB filters as well...worthless IMO. Probably can sell on craigslist for some bucks.

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what size sump should i have? my tank is a 180gl

IMO size of sump is more about how much physical size you want vs. gallonage. I like to get the biggest sump I can so I can get so I can have room for the biggest skimmer I can, have room for frags, etc. I just measured the space under my tank and then went looking for what would fit.

prof can make you a nice one. Also look on craigslist.org

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If it helps I have a 50 gallon sump for my 150. I'm no expert I just know what works for me.

As far as equipment goes I agree with azcummins. It depends on your needs. I have a skimmer, return pump and a section for my refugium which consist of about 4" sandbed, a lot of live rock rubble, 2 different kinds of algae and xenia for nitrate removal. Soon I will be adding a calcium reactor but will not be physically in the sump.


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I wouldn't buy a canister filter, but if you already have one, why not still use it? I just run carbon and a phosphate pad in my Fluval. The only problem is you can't run it off the sump. The Fluval needs gravity for the siphon (I know, I've tried). You can pull the water from the display tank and put the return in the sump, but again, why not keep the return in the display tank too for added flow?

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my stand opens on each end, however there is no room becase wall is close so it will have to fit through doors in front

Kingfish built a sump for ACampbell's tank in 2 pieces. He had it for sale a couple of weeks ago. I like to usually go about 1/3rd the tank size on my sumps.

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