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Stand question

Robb in Austin

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Howdy all!

The inside of my stand is stained. Can I Kilz over the stain? Is there another covering that will keep it protected

once I have the sump/fuge running?




I got to thinking about 2 seconds after I posted this. Maybe some topcoat sealer like this:


would work? Thoughts woodworkers?

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Kilz will stick really well without roughing up the surface but a quick sanding sure can help. Top coat with an enamel latex to waterproof it.

Try this stuff:


You could build plywood tanks with spar urethane :) I have used it in the past and it makes for a rock hard, waterproof, clear finish.

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Thanks for the replies. You guys rock. Or rawk! <_<

Is it necessary to Kilz, or can I go with just the sealer over the current stain?

Hi Robb-

We would always recommend to prime after cleaning the surface. Priming is advantageous for two reasons: first, it seals off any previous coating or stains to prevent "bleeding" through to the topcoat. Secondly, it provides a bonding medium to ensure excellent adhesion with the topcoat.

If the surface is not in sound condition (peeling or chipping), we would recommend stripping or scuff sanding the peeling stain to ensure proper adhesion.

But first I would read the instructions for the particular sealer you plan to use as they all work differently and have different surface prep guidelines.

Hope this helps!


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