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125 gallon for $750 OBO

TJ Stephens

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I have a 125 gallon Acrylic saltwater setup that I am trying to sell. It comes with a

little giant circulation pump,

a rio 2100 return pump,

a twenty gallon sump with 2 gallons of bio balls,

100 lbs of LR

125 gallon tank


Canopy and lights (200 Watts)

3 Canister RO unit, with the DI attachment

Live Stock

Yellow Tang

Sailfin Tang

Strawberry Psuedo

2 blue spot gobbies

Mated pair of Maroon Clowns, hosting

Rose Bubble Tip Anemone

2 yellow clown gobbies

100 hermit crabs

25 snails

Pulsing Xena

Plating Montipora, Brown and Green,

Blue Mushrooms

Green Button Polyps

Sorry there are no pictures, the tank is not being maintained like it should be due to a divorce and custody battle, just trying to get it to a good home were someone will take care of my fish.

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