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In addtion to the Cali Tort colonies posted in the other thread, I have a few things I can frag....

ORA Purple Digitata, Red Digitata, ORA German Blue Digitata

$15 each or 3 for $40

ORA Purple Digitata 3"+


Pink Milli and Yellow Milli

$20 each or 2 for $35

Cali Tort


ORA Pink Birdsnest


Purple or Red Mushrooms

$10 each

Blue Watermelon Mushroom

$15 each

Please specify if you would prefer mounted on plug, rubble or loose.

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ORA German Blue Digitata


The coral has browned out on me - had moved it from my frag tank where it was not colored up and it just now starting to regain color in the polyps. It has always been slow to color but once it does, it is really a nice piece.

Should look similar to this one I found on the web....


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