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Live Coral Science for Ocean Acidification Research

Dave Santos

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Hi Folks,

New member, with varied aquarium and ocean experience, but never done Reef Aquaria. Looking for Austin-area research team partners with coral expertise to help develop wild coral reef protection systems against bleaching and acidification threats.


Dave Santos Gorena-Guinn

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Welcome to the club!  :)

Intriguing!   There's tons of research showing labile DOC (carbon dosing) promotes bleaching.   Here's some of the research I've found:

Phosphate deficiency promotes coral bleaching and is reflected by the ultrastructure of symbiotic dinoflagellates

Indirect effects of algae on coral: algae‐mediated, microbe‐induced coral mortality

Role of elevated organic carbon levels and microbial activity in coral mortality

Pathologies and mortality rates caused by organic carbon and nutrient stressors in three Caribbean coral species.
DOC caused coral death but not high nitrates, phosphates or ammonium.

Sugar enrichment provides evidence for a role of nitrogen fixation in coral bleaching

Elevated ammonium delays the impairment of the coral-dinoflagellate symbiosis during labile carbon pollution







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