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SOLD Red Sea Reefer 170 (reduced price)


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This listing is for the whole system, as I am getting out of the hobby. I’m in north Austin and looking for someone local to pick up.

Red Sea Reefer 170, 43-gallon aquarium, stand, and sump (34 tank, 9 sump) with dual puck Hydra 26 HD LED light. This aquarium has been setup for about 2 years and has treated me well over the years (could use some coralline algae removal attention haha). This tank comes with a lot.

Custom acrylic mesh tank top with feeding door and wire management
Bubble Magus C 3.5 protein skimmer
Cobalt neo-therm 150w heater
Maxspect gyre XF230
Jeabo SOW-4 Sine wave technology pump
Syncra Silent Sicce 2.0 return pump
Tunze auto topoff
CA Digital Aquatics aquarium controller
Refractometer, test kits, 5 gallon water containers, tons of random nets and aquarium scrapper, etc.
Plastic 10-20 gallon rectangle tote for help with transporting livestock

Sherman rose bubble tip anemone with gold lightning marron clown
Teal toadstool leather
Neon green devil’s hand leather
Red mushrooms
Green star polyps
Live Rock
and lots of inverts in the sand, snails, etc.

Also have a pair of Black and White Ocellaris orange faced clownfish in a separate tank.

Over $4,000 invested into the tank, asking SOLD for the whole setup. Can supply more photos as needed. 




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