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Powder blue tang


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Ok, I believe I may have made a mistake. I was up at RCA yesterday and saw the perfect sized powder blue tang for my aquarium. However, I did not ask a lot of questions like I normally do other than "is it reef safe?" I should have asked questions about diet since I would love to keep it long term. This morning after feeding my fish a mix of mysis and pellets, I observed it not eating but just picking at algae that is in the tank. After doing a little digging around on-line  I realized that their diet consists of mainly of algae. So now I turn to you REEFERS that have had one of these long term since I don't really have too much algae in my tank or a refugium. I have never had a refugium therefore not even a clue on how to set one up. What do you guys recommend? Anyone's two cents would be greatly appreciated. Powder Blue Tang lives matter too. Please assist me in trying to keep this little guy alive.

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Feed a good mix of food and you should be fine.  I like the cubes you find in the freezer in the fish section of the pet stores.  I feed a mix of the mysis, bloodworms, and spirulina.  I also have a suction cup clip and fold over nori sheets and clip in the tank.  You shouldn't have a problem getting it to eat and it should be reef safe.  The biggest issue with powder blues is that they are very susceptible to ick, and if they get it bad enough they can spread it through your whole tank.

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