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Rock-Bottom Equipment and Miscellaneous Sale (PICS)


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Hey Guys

This has been a long time coming: The getting-out-of hobby sale I should have had a while ago. Everything listed is in working order, and I have seen to it that the prices are slashed at least by 1/2 the current retail. Thanks for looking (Would like this gone by the end of the week). While offers are welcome, sucker punches aren't ;-). 

1. 2 Kessil A350Ws w/ Goosenecks ($200 takes both) SOLD

2. Neptune Dos ($120) SOLD

3. APEX probes for PH, Salinity, ORP w/ Probe holder ($150 takes all) 

4. 2 Different Refractometers and a PH probe ($50 for each refractometer, $20 for PH meter) SOLD

5. TUNZE pump 1073.5 Silent ($100) 

6. Hannah Checker ALKALINITY ($20) SOLD

7. Reef Octopus Space-Saver Classic 150 ($90)

8. Random Buffers and Test Kits ($50 takes all of it. I have others that aren't even pictured here I can throw in for free)

9. 15 or so 5-gallon Austin Aqua-Dome bottles, $5 each. 


IMG_1402 (2).jpg

IMG_1403 (2).jpg

IMG_1404 (1).jpg








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Hey Guys....

It's been a while. Still have the 65G RR in the garage, $200 takes it. 

I also have a great looking jbj 1/10 chiller I'd let go of for $300 OBO. 

Also also I have a ton of Aquadome water jugs still in the garage. $5 per. 


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