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240g Long for sale - Sold


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***Reduced to $1100!***

Hi All, 

If you are at all interested please make an offer! :)

I am moving and need to sell my 240g long. It is a 8' x 2' x 2' tank. It is an awesome footprint for a reef tank and a real showstopper.

It comes with a stand and canopy that is very well crafted with high-quality hardwood (oak?). It could be stained or painted easily to match your decore. The canopy comes with some T12s installed, which that I used to supplement LEDs. I have extra bulbs that come with it as well. 

It also comes with a sump that is 90g and is built into the stand. It has a nice big fuge that is around 45g so it would work for the triton method or a very nice grow out area. 

The tank is fully plumbed and has never had a leak. It is also plumbed for a potential closed-loop addition if you are interested, but I never went ahead with that. 

For an extra $250 I will throw in the Skimz a protein skinner (Link) that fits perfectly in the sump. It was originally $450 and is rated for over 500g. It works very, very well. 

I bought this tank without a sump, without any plumbing, and scratched to death for $1300 a couple years ago. I completely refinished it until it was perfect without a scratch. I think that selling it for the same price plumbed, not nearly as scratched, and with a sump is a pretty good deal, but I am willing to listen to offers. :)

You can see the tank, stand, sump, skimmer, and all the crazy work I did to set this tank up in the original build thread HERE 

There are some scratches near the bottom of the tank from general use and sand. They will buff out easily with the Novis kit--I have a brand new one that I will give you with the tank. 

Lastly, I have a truck and will help you get it to your house if you need for an extra $50. 

It is ready to go. Treat yo' self. 

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