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Fish for sale (tangs, foxface, cardinal, shrimps)


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I have the following fish for sale. I bought out a tank and not keeping these fish. They are all used to captivity and eat pellets (except the cardinal). PM is key for dibs.


Desjardini sailfin 4" - $60

Banghai cardinal - $10

Foxface 4" - $35


Diamond watchman goby (sand sifting goby) 5-6" - $20 -pending

Yellow tang 4" - $30 -sold

Blue hippo tang 4" - $40 -sold

Purple tang 4" - $125 - sold

Scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp - $15 -sold

Blood red fire shrimp - $20 -pending

Here's a video of the tank with all the fish. They are all in a 100 gallon tub or else I would snap pictures for you. Again, personal message (PM) is key. Thanks!





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