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5 Black Ocellaris


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I got 5 juvenile black ocellaris (4-5 months old) that my kids and I raised from our breeding project. They are getting big and deserve a better bigger home to grow. Selling them for $20/each. Kids want to try raising more babies from eggs so we need to find these guys a new home.

I also got a 6th one that is smaller than the rest because his body is curved due to being stuck in the intake filter when he was tiny. Of course he got picked on and does not get enough food. We call him "Bentley". :-) If you would like to take care of him, he's free. Please only take him if you are serious about taking care of him. Even though he's curved, I don't want to kill him. We plan on keeping him if no one want to take care of him.

First come, first pick. PM me if you are interested.


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