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powerheads and ATO recommendations


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You'll get a dozen different powerhead recommendations. Everyone is going to tell you to buy and use what they use personally.

I have personally used
Koralias of several sizes
Jebao wp25 and wp40
Ecotech vortech mp40
Tunze 6105

My honest recommendation for a 75 gallon tank would be two Tunze 6095 D.C. Powerheads and run them on either the big tunze controller or an apex. Every powerhead will have its benefit and setbacks but I honestly feel like tunzes are such a perfect middle ground. It's ultra rare you'll find a lemon or bad one. They last forever. Built like tanks. Their flow capacity is drastically under stated, they move a tremendous amount of water compared to competitor powerheads of equal rating. And to me best of all they hold up their power even when very dirty. They also are priced kind of in the middle between jebao and ecotech.

The crossflow gyre pumps are neat but you can make any pump perform a gyre and those all tend to have reliability issues.

I've heard great things about the Neptune wav pumps but the Tunze reputation for longevity was the ultimate deciding factor for me and I couldn't be happier

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BPB is right  When it comes to power heads it's all about preference and price. 

I've used a few but currently am using Jabao equipment because of the price  All DC equipment:  8000 pump,4x dosing pumps, and x2 power herds RW 15's.  Out of the bunch I had one power head that came in not working and returned it easily. 

Yes they are knock offs of some higher priced equipment and come from over seas.  Who cares anymore?  I can get what I need for a great price and is warranted from who I buy it from.  If it breaks after 30 days (which it has not)  buy another one and you still come out ahead.  Who really cares about 5 years down the road with aquarium equipment.  You'll be into something else by then anyway. 

Its more about getting the specs you need and setting it up the way it works best.  DCP6500 for $100 - 2x PP8 wave maker for $50 ea

Set the PP8's at intervals of 10 seconds for a 4 ft tank.  one upper third of the tank pointed 1/4 of the way down and the other at middle of the tank opposite end pointed 1/4 up.  That's my usage on my 4  ft 150 DT and gets me the best results.  Play with it though 

My ATO is JBJ but again there are many brands that work great Tunze HydorSmart  But I have had my JBJ on three different tanks and has never failed me

Main pump I crank it up to full speed. 

Good luck and you can check out my signature line for full equipment list

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I'm using an autoaqua micro ATO ($100-145) and it's great.  Optical sensor, quiet pump.  Simple as heck.


On powerhead I've used koralia, jebao, gyre.

Koralia, had one, didn't do well, then died within months.

Jebao, pretty great but I've heard some reliability stories

Gyre, pretty amazing, might be overkill for that tank.


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My last tank was a 72g bow front and I used a Khoralia and a WP40.  Never had any issues from either.

Mt ATO was a Tunze 3155 Osmolator and it worked flawlessly.  I'm currently using a Tunze 3152 Nano Osmolator for this little frag tank that's giving me fits, but the ATO is working perfectly.  

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