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Acrylic tank needs repair


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The front right seam of my 180g blew yesterday. Long story short, I was home at the time (thankfully) and immediately clamped it back together to slow the leak while moving fish, corals, and rock to other tanks/barrels/tubs.

My 45g frag tank is now housing 3 tangs, 3 clams, 3 anemones, 2 clowns, 1 copperband, and several corals. My two 18" engineers are in the stock tank with other corals and rock. Everything is now reasonably stable.

However, I still need to get the tank fixed! I have left a couple messages for Kingfish, but have not heard back yet. I have heard/read great things about them, but time is critical.

Are there any other places in the Austin area that can do this kind of repair? I'm guessing that Weldon 40 should be used to put it back together, but I'm no expert.

Looking for advice, ideas, suggestions, etc. Need to get this thing fixed and back in service. Help!

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