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Tank of the Month CONTEST!


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Unfortunately, we are not receiving enough tank submissions each week. Therefore, instead of choosing a winner every week, we are going to try and have a "Tank of the Month” contest.

There will be larger prizes involved this time instead of goody bags.

For the first monthly winner, I wanted it to be fair. Therefore, I want everyone to choose from the last 4 weekly winners and they will be October’s Tank of the Month Winner! Simply comment the number below.

Start sending me your pics to [email protected] for the month of November, and again old submissions are auto reentered. After October, I will send weekly reminder to submit. Also, if anyone is willing to share why you believe we did not receive very many submissions every week please let me know!

1. IMG_3493_zpsbasxvogx.png
4. 2165E38D-77D3-4B97-8219-48DAA0FFDDFD_zps

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A fellow reefer thought some of you shy away from submitting your tanks due to the fact you think that you can’t compete with some of the well-developed tanks. They suggested choosing a winner based on categories regarding how long your tank has been growing.

So that is what I want to try, as I think this is a great way to be fair and help out those who in the community who just started a tank receive feedback and suggestions. I will develop categories based on the submissions I have received so far. Many of you seem to like options to vote on so I was thinking choosing 2 tanks from each category to have you choose from?

For those of you who entered when we were still doing the weekly winners, if you did not include how long you’ve had your tank, you may be hearing from me :) To the future submitters please include in your description how long you have had it.

PLEASE remember in order to have these categories people must submit their tanks to me at [email protected]! Again, there are prizes involved :)

Happy reefing!

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