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Reef Octopus Skimmer


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Not sure what model it is, but it is at least eight years old. I had it on my 150g and it put out about a cup of skimmate per week. It comes with the pump, and a smaller feed pump. The air line fitting broke off and I melted it back on (several times). The last melting seems to have held. Could use a cleaning, but it was running in my sump a couple of weeks ago.

OK now for the disclaimer:

Assume both pumps will burn out approximately four minutes after being plugged in.

Assume the air fitting will immediately pop off.

Assume this skimmer will not work well on your tank and will likely kill everything in your tank and any other tanks will in a three mile area of your tank.

Assume using this will likely cause a black hole to appear that will eat the Earth and every living soul on it...

Unless you actually want one of these events to happen, there should be no hard feelings if this free skimmer does not meet all of your expectations....

I live in North Round Rock (Teravista).


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Hey Rich, I feel like we have meet some years ago when I was more active. If it is still available I would love to come give it a try, with the promise of no recriminations :) Celebrating my dad's birthday sometime tomorrow in SA but other than that pretty wide open for the next three days.


Bill Brister

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