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160G 65x24x24 With solid wood statd 50 g Sump - All Free


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Read the fine print here. I need it running for another 2-3 weeks then I am moving the 160 out and hopefully into someones truck and on to its new home. I am in New Braunfels.

I bought it used of this forum for 300 last year. I should have taken the time to break it down and reseal it but I thought I could get away with it for at least a few more years. I bought the tank to make sure I have an actual interest in running a large tank so you could say it was my training wheel tank. Well I love growing corals and have been hitting a good stride with this tank. I also bought a 250 ghost overflow for it and it actually runs pretty silently. I just plumb it into a 100g rubbermaid but I am keeping that. I can also give you a 50g tank that would be perfect for a sump.



Now pay attention here, you will need to be able to reseal this tank before use. I believe I have a small pinhole leak in one of the lower corners. Once resealed it should be a good tank for many uses.


There are a lot of scratches on the glass, I use halides and really see them. I think you may be able to buff them down but it sounds like a lot of hard work for not much reward.

My timeframe for removal should be around the first half of October. I can help you load it on a truck but thats about it.

Not terrible for a free tank and it has the potential to live again.

Text me at 325-260-1217 if you think you have what it takes to breath life into this glass water box.

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