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Sunday Coral Pack Special!


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Hey friends,

Undergoing some tank aquascaping and need to move some corals out fast. These are corals from my other sale thread. Its a a great package deal with some awesome corals. LPS and SPS!

Here is what you'll get:

  • Green with Green Tips Torch Frag (beautiful, 2 heads)
  • Green with Purple Tips Frogspawn (classic, very nice, 4 heads)
  • Large Green Capricornis (great rich green color)
  • Large Electric Blue Digi (great color, lots of branches, fast growing)
  • Purple Stylo Mini Colony (Beautiful purple color with 4 branches and 5 tips)
  • ORA Montipora Lantana Frag (Blue-Purple with Orange-Yello polyps)

Coral Pack price is $75 Sold

I'm in North Austin and available today. Paypal is good to reserve.

Thanks! Roland

Check out pics down below!

post-1341-0-79521100-1470601489_thumb.jp post-1341-0-46101900-1470601506_thumb.jp

post-1341-0-55334600-1470601513_thumb.jp post-1341-0-03047900-1470601535_thumb.jp

post-1341-0-53885700-1470601570_thumb.jp post-1341-0-72135000-1470601603_thumb.jp

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