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Ro/DI install to pex pipe


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If you are talking about supply to your RO/DI filter you should be able to use standard plumbing bushings to connect them. If you are talking about goinf from the output to a makeup tank, ATO or display tank you need to make sure you only use PVC fittings, not metal.

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Theres no real good way to "tap" pex. You need to insert a tee, then install a typical 3/8 "sink" valve on it.

tee: http://thd.co/2aK9P2Q

fitting to valve: http://thd.co/2aK9JZf

valve: http://thd.co/2aK9Sfe

3/8->1/4 compression adapter: http://thd.co/2aKamC2

fitting&valve are available as one piece ( http://thd.co/2aKbeGJ )... but its easier to swap out a valve later on if you go threaded like this.

This assumed you have the proper pex compression collars and tools. There are slip-fit "sharkbite" versions of the above, but I've never trusted those compared to the compression fit ones. If you go the slip fit route, I'd be paranoid enough to get 2 of each fitting and put them in a bag sitting next to the valve in the event they start leaking. many plumbers love this platform, but its seriously just an o-ring away from a leak on your main water supply.

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