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180 gallon build


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Let me start by saying that by nature I am not as organized as others on here. I look at all these wonderful tank builds and the step by step documentation of all the work but I know I can never do that [emoji31]. Too lazy.

I wanted to document the process of setting my new build for quite some time now but never got to it. I got the tank a couple months back and it has been sitting in my garage for while. Finally made time last month and started plumbing for bean animal drain.

This is a DSA Tank with three drains and two over flows. So it made it easier (hmmm may be the term easier is relative as it took me a while to tune) to incorporate beananimal design

I have a 75 gallon sump Which I wanted to incorporate the ro section instead of having the two 5 gallon containers I had next to the tank. By the way my wife hates seeing those and made it a point to tell everyone who came over.

So I closed in a section about 13g inside the sump just for Ato

Plumbing below:






3 Radion gen 3 pro

Jaebo dct 12000 (TY Ty I know that would you crazy)

Skimmer sca 160 (will need to upgrade)

3 mp40 and 1 mp60. But not using all yet

Reefbrite led strip for fuge/sump

Apex controller

I have 48" coralife t5 fixtures I may add later.

I already have the space in diy hanging kit I am using for Radions. Will get a pic of it later and add it.

Finally setup rock (thanks Kim and Tim for the video) added water and moved the fish.

Lost all corals as I neglected the old tank due to trash paly takeover.

So here it is as it is now




To be continued....

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