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Hellfish's Midwest aquarium 270 gallon rebuild


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Hello everyone,

I am planning on moving to cedar park area. Breaking down my system is going to be heart breaking. It's going to be a challenge indeed.

Details of equipment

Tank is 96"x24"x27"

Sump/refugium 100 gallons

Aquac ev1000 power by jebao dc12000

Reef octopus 140 reactor

Reef octopus bio pellets reactor

Lifegard uv sterilizer

Mag drive 24 return with 4way ocean motion

Jebao cp40x2


Digital aquatics elite

Tanks inhabitants tangs galore

Valmingi tang

Black tang

Purple tang

Scopa tang

Sohal tang

Convict tang

Bariene tang

Maculiceps tang

Cleaner wrasse


Green serpent starfish

Orange linckia starfish

Turbo snails

Hermit crab

Tiger cucumber

Anemones x3

Mixed corals of zoas, palys, soft, Lps and Gorgs.

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Hey guys we're in Leander! Close enough to cedar park haha.

We have settle in well in the new house. Moving this huge tank was a horrible experience since I lost most of my corals and a few fish. Luckily only two tangs passed away?. I have recently been installing new bulkheads along with buffing out the scratches that were on the front panel. Came out better than I expected! Planning on plumbing and putting in the saltwater in the next few days.


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Man it's been awhile, I manage to get the tank going. Sadly I lost all of my tankmate from a saltilinty swing Rip. Slowly been accumulating my tang list back up with koi tang being one of them! 

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