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Takashi Amano's largest planted tank

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I was on vacation in Europe with my wife and we visited Lisbon, Portugal during our journey and obviously had to visit the 2nd largest aquarium in all of Europe!! The aquarium was.... Alright. Kind of a let down for the "2nd largest" aquarium. This was the best tank they had, their reef exhibit.


I was pretty much over with the aquarium, but we decided to check out their temporary exhibit before we left. When I walked in I nearly lost my mind at what I saw. Takashi Amano's finest creation before his untimely death last summer.









I could have skipped the whole aquarium and spent the whole day in this 'temporary' aquarium. It was simply breath taking.

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That's amazing!! I met takashi in Houston just after his coffee table book came out. He was at city pets. He set up a 40 gallon cube in about an 30 minutes. I still have a planted tank today because of that one time meeting. Thanks for sharing. That is incredible.

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I hope they make it a permanent one considering Amano's death after building it. It's like art, once the artist passes away it becomes 100 times more valuable.

I agree, it's every bit as awesome as some of those intricate gardens people make for English manors.

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