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Kessil - I love thee.

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So any of you that have talked with me know I'm kinda a big fan of Kessil lights. I currently own 11 of them. No, that's not a decimal point error, 11.

I recently added 4 new lights to my system and remounted the existing 4 for a grand total of 8 over the main tank. In the process of doing this, I noticed that one of my lights had a bad fan and was overheating. I thought Kessil's warranty is only 1 year, and this light was well over that, so I said screw it and decided to take it apart and see if I couldn't just replace the fan. Once I got the light apart I tested the fan (after messing up and accidentally cutting one of the fan's wires... Oops. Well, the fan still worked. So, I put the light back together and tested it. The fan came back on briefly, then shut off. I determined that the light has something else wrong with the electronics. BOO! Not a simple fix.

So I emailed Kessil's support and asked them if I can purchase replacement parts. I told them that I had taken apart the light and tested the fan and what not. They told me that taking the light apart voids the warranty (I assumed it was no longer in warranty so no worry there.). I told them how I've got 8 a360's (9th is on it's way), 1 A150, and 1 A160 and that was the only light that had any problems. In response they asked for me to send a picture of the light's serial number. I did.

Their response blew me away! They said that even though I voided the warranty which they said was actually 2 years, because I have so many of their lights they wanted to replace it. Free. Like, not even paying shipping! They are sending me a new light, and I just send back the broken one once the new one is here. Wow. That's amazing. I wasn't even asking for anything like that, I just wanted to purchase the replacement parts.

Then because they are obviously reefers, they wanted to see pictures of my tank. LOL... Of course I obliged.

In short, my love affair with Kessil is even stronger now. Thank you Kessil.


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