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RCA First Friday After Hours Sale May 6th!

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Spring is in full swing. Tons of activities going on from Cinco de Mayo celebrations to Mother's Day. Take a break for yourself this Friday evening and swing by RCA for great livestock deals. Grab a drink and stroll through the tanks of endless fish, corals, and inverts. We just received a nice freshwater shipment last week with beautiful large Angels. We landed some new African cichlids like small Black Calvus and Black Bar Chilumba Zebras. Fresh shipment of Discus are expected this Wednesday for you Discus lovers! New saltwater fish will be arriving starting Tuesday including nice selection of aquacultured clowns. Our coral tanks are stuffed and there are plenty of gems to be had from new zoa frags to rare LPS colonies.

So this Friday, stop on by and relax, you deserve it. We'll see you there!

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Some fish and inverts that landed today...

Coral Beauty Angels
Dispar Anthias (male)
Maldives Red Spot Blennies
Gold Midas Blennies
Lineatus Blennies
Copperband Butterflies
Green Mandarin Gobies
Spotted Target Mandarin Gobies
Diamond Sleeper Gobies
Tiger Wardi Goby
Flame Hawk
Blue Stripe Pipefish
Fiji Foxface Rabbit
Powder Blue Tangs
Sixline Wrasses
Rusty Angels
Aiptasia Eating Filefish
Redtail Filefish
Antenna Gobies
Leopard Wrasses
Longfin Fairy Wrasse
Cleaner Wrasses
Banner Wrasse
Frostbite Clowns
Picasso Clowns
Black Ocellaris Clowns
Ocellaris Clowns
Percula Clowns
Maroon Clowns
Pink Skunk Clowns
Neon Pseudochromis
Neon Gobies
Harlequin Shrimp
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
Fire Shrimp
Chocolate Chip Stars
Multiflora Linkia Stars
Tuxedo Urchins
Purple Urchins
Sea Hares
Tigertail Cucumbers
Anemone Crabs
Green Emerald Crabs
Peppermint Shrimp
Sand Sifting Stars
Nerite Snails
Red Leg Hermits

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Oh, if you want to coordinate a time to be there, I could bring you back your favia and mushroom?

You just want to clear that frag rack! spiteful.gif

Yeah, how about 7pm when it starts? I probably won't stay too long tonight, gotta help the wife study for her licensing exam.

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