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Free Nano Tank Door Prize


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Hello ARC!

I'm very excited to offer a very special door prize donated to the February meeting.

We have our very own LFS, River City Aquatics, who donated 15 coral frags consisting of several mushrooms, acans, a chalice, various zoas, and duncans as livestock for the 5-gallon Fluval Spec that will be given away to one lucky attendee of the February meeting. Please thank Jake and his crew for the generous donation and their continued support of our great club of reefers in Austin.

The tank was donated by Ty The Real Estate Guy, though most of you know me as FarmerTy. I've had this tank for almost 1.5 years now and have done nothing with it so I figured it would be in much better hands and also be much more appreciated by somebody else.

It comes with a MaxiJet return pump, rotating return nozzle, an ecoxotic pro LED light, and two ecoxotic actinic lights (some of actinic LEDs have burned out but enough are there to be useful so I left it in). It also comes with a decent amount of live rock and crushed coral substrate as well. You can say that the live rock and substrate have been cycling for over a year now. [emoji6]







So you may be wondering, how do I win such a cool prize?

1) Show up to the February meeting this Saturday at my house at 2pm. Details here:


2) Hope your number gets called on the raffle ticket.

3) That's it... really!

Did I mention there's free food as well at the meeting?

Hope to see a lot if you there, both familiar and also new faces!


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My daughter would love that! She tries to help with my tank but at 4 y/o she is too short and weak to do water changes. hyper.gif

Come on by and win it for her!

Funny, that's exactly why I don't do water changes either! [emoji14]

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