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Any of the big guys have bucket of salt 100g or more also L Rock

saltwater snoopy

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Im just starting out an store cost are abit high for my budget at least for now though maybe if some of the big tank guys buy in bulk maybe i could buy 160 to 200 gal salt mix an a little live rock dead or alive any other supplys i may need i have two tanks i like to turn on the pumps an get seeded or started thak you for any help , i have a 40 tall a 29 biocube and a 35 or so Oceanic bowfront , my names paul p.m. me at 512-577-4614 thank you very much saltwater Snoopy : ))

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Thank you folks that have offered to help i know its hard to fined time , Alex and the rest very cool of you, ive been watching , build, maintenance, and design info videos and see i have a little more stuff to get done first an a few more things ill need to bring old tanks back to life , decided not to wait on building a refuge, and also think ill make my 29 biocube a quarantine tank and keep the other is my main tank, ill get there soon i hope.

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