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Clear slime on surface of sump water


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Many times you will see surface scum in sumps. This is because the overflow in the display tank pulls out the surface scum then drops it in to the sump. That plus all the aeration creates more surface area for adhesion. I usually see a little scum in my sump if we don't run a small pump to agitate the surface, or if it's been a while since the last water change.

You can manually remove the slime by skimming the surface with a bowl or container.

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Thanks, I don't use Kalk.

My diy design is simply a large plastic tub with a few small bins stacked inside one another to house filter floss and purigen between them as a trickle filter. Holes at the bottom of the stack allow the water to escape into the sump. It's as Dan says about the scum coming down from the weir in the DT.

But it made me wonder if there was some kind of adsorbing material or aeration system people may have used to trap the surface scum. I'm able to collect it with shallow cup easily enough.


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