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Algae, how to get rid of it???


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My skimmer is the biggest factor for algae growth in my tank. When it's operating I have little algae growth. The second biggest factor in my tank is lighting. My LEDs are fine, but if I let sunlight hit the tank those areas are more prone to growth. I only have a drip/mechanical filter and a bag of Purigen as my filtration system. That and the skimmer is all I've needed. In fact, I always had algae problems back when I had a canister filter; worst thing I've ever tried.

If you turn things around and your algae begin dying off (changing from vibrant colors to flat brown/grey) be sure to harvest out as much as you can. Don't let it decay in your tank; that feeds more algae!



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Is the spectrum of your new light different than the previous light? Yellow - White light in the 3000K - 6500K is proven to grow algae and macroalgae faster than cooler spectrum. If you're using LEDs then the lights may too high intensity or reduce the white and add some blue.

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