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Just moved my fish tank to new apartment...


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And it's super cloudy 2 days later. Some of the coral looks happy, some not so happy. The fish all seem fine. Should I do a water change or is it too soon? I'm going out of town the next 4 days so I don't want to leave it and come back to rotting corals

In particular the GSP, some mushrooms and keyna trees look like someone beat them with a shovel. Just sad and shriveled.

Acans, frogspawn, torch and polyps seem to be having the times of their lives.

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Did you use the old sand?

I only moved across the street, so what I did want drain out 20 gallons (it's a 29 gallon tank), then put it on a cart, roll it across the street, put it back on it's stand and added the water. It got a little stirred up, but nothing terrible. One fish died during the move, but I assume that was stress because it passed within 5 minutes of being moved

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Hmmm, I was wondering if you'd started a mini cycle. I'd test for ammonia just in case. Normally the water clears within a day or so.

Testing now

Are you running a protein skimmer or carbon? The protein skimmer should remove lots of the particulates and the carbon will help scrub out some of the smaller substances. Should be clear within a day if you are...

Yeah I have both, I mean it's not terribly cloudy. Just a bit kinda grimey looking, if the kenta trees and star polyps didn't look so terrible i wouldn't have noticed probably

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GSP and YSP tend to pull in when they get p^ssed off so I wouldn't worry too much with those guys. I'd just add something like AmmoLock or any of the other ammonia binders. Just in case you have polyp bail out or other die off. This would keep the tank from spinning out of control and crashing. Or you can run poly filters. Both are prophylactic measures and may be useless but couldn't hurt either.

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