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New DaM Acros

Dan H

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So the new batch of maricultured frags are ready to go! They've already started to encrust and are coloring up more every day. If you want prime picks, act fast. We're only going to sell about 3-5 of each. The rest are destined for the SAoSA frag swap.

$50 for the mini colonies, $40 for the big frags with multiple branches, $20 for the single branches.

DaM Titanium - a nice titanium grey with teal, forms large and thick branches.


DaM Green with red tips (cool name coming soon)


I have a flexible schedule the rest of the year so it should be easy to figure out a time to pick up.

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Thanks! The green with red/pink tips I suspect is going to be a really nice one. The frags are already encrusting and it's coloring up more and more each day. The titanium I suspect is going to be a bit slower growing as it's pretty thick and very sturdy. Fragging it was fairly difficult. It ate up dremel cutting blades pretty quick and it was too thick for bone cutters.

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