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Hooking up apex without display


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I just got a Apex Jr. and am trying to get everything up and running. I am all the way to the point of "link apex" but I can not figure out howto create a link token without a display. I saw a way to do it via your computer online BUT I have a laptop from work that will not let me install software.

Does anybody have ideas on "creating a link token" without a display?


Does anybody have a display I could borrow for a few hours? I could trade a cold beer delivery!

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You shouldn't need the display or need to install any software.

Look in your router to see what IP address is assigned to it. Type that in your browser. Login / password should be admin and 1234

Here are the instructions to set up Fusion: https://www.neptunesystems.com/downloads/docs/afqs.pdf

If you have any issues the Neptune community page is great. Lots of info and usually very quick replies to your posts.

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