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LT Anemone help!


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I purchased a LT Anemone last week for my tank in my office. I placed it towards the bottom of my tank near a spot that I felt it would like and turned off the power heads for 24 hours to allow it to move. It remained there for awhile and seemed happy, however after the weekend I came in this morning and found it behind my entire rock formation and it doesn't look good. I'm trying to determine if I should just leave it alone and pray it finds its way back to the front of the tank, or if I need to move around my rocks to get to it. Any help you can give would be appreciated! Photo of the anemone behind the rock is attached.

UPDATE: I was able to move it, but it doesn't look good. (see attached)



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Just leave it. The one thing to know about most anemones is that they do what they want whenever they want. It'll eventually find a spot it likes. I know bubble tips can take weeks to settle down.


LTA's are quite a bit different than BTAs. I've found them harder to keep, but the general rule of thumb with an anemone is to let it find where it's going to be happy. As long as it isn't headed for a power head don't try to move it.

I also would leave powerheads, lights, etc. all how you intend them to be. Otherwise it will settle and then have to move again once you turn everything back on.

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